Here’s the short of it: I like to write.  I miss writing, and I want to get back at it, but I have no idea what to focus on or who will waste their time reading my unfocused rants.  So until I find one subject matter to make my bread and butter, this space could be filled with anything from personal stories about running to marketing critique to the inevitable complaints about baseball writers being idiots.

I tried this before a few years back, at the presumed peak of my fantasy sports obsession.  Basically, I just took all the time I spent devouring stats and information about baseball players and regurgitated all that onto a blog that only the people I was playing against would read.  Great way to get a competitive advantage.  This time, though, it’ll be different.

This time, I haven’t been writing for some time.  I want it back.  My stories, opinions, and analysis are confined to short quips on the internet and real life conversations (and who likes those?), and I ramble too much for either of those.  It’s when I can ramble, then go back and refine my rambling into a coherent message or story, that I actually think I communicate messages that are worth hearing, and that’s my hope here.  Now, on to the nonsense.