As seasons change, moods go with them.  The Civil Wars have had a great deal of success since their debut release in February, Barton Hollow.  I didn’t catch this one until the spring, though, where this sound just doesn’t have a place.  It’s an album of [mostly] somber, dreary, and heart-wrenching folk duets, and I don’t find that to mix terribly well with the rejuvenation, flowers and sunshine of spring.  Call me crazy.

So after putting it on the shelf for a while, I came back to it and found it to be the perfect complement to the start of winter.  It’s a downer of an album, and if you’re a lonely person then you’re going to be crying about 2.5 songs in, but it has the gloomy beauty I directly associate with the winter.  Think of it as an alternative to The Swell Season (who brought you Once and its soundtrack), with the female vocals taking the spotlight instead. If you don’t have tears trying to burst out of your face at some point during “C’est la Mort” then congratulations on being too cool for emotion.  For everyone else – have fun crying!