With a new year comes empty promises of self-improvement and open-mindedness.  Oh my God, Mike, that’s so pessimistic! Whatever, it’s true, and we all know it.  You don’t have to let it happen, you shouldn’t let it happen, but it’s an inevitable reality.  I have no idea what I’ll do differently in 2012, but something I really went overboard with in 2011 was getting to know all the great new music being made.

One way I did that was by breaking down the walls of what I listen to and by sticking with albums the whole way through.  I still won’t voluntarily listen to country music (folk, bluegrass – sure! country – God no), but I tried to be more receptive to sounds I’m not accustomed to.  One such example is by listening to things that sound like they belong in a nightclub (says the man who doesn’t go to nightclubs), like the debut release from hip-hop producer AraabMuzik.  It’s more or less background music for me, but what this album really does is serve as a reminder to myself to stick with new concepts and see them through.  Because if you listen to 40 minutes or so of club music, you just may stumble across a gem like “Silent World”:

Try something new next year – you may just like it…or maybe you’ll respond like my brother did when I put this album on last night:

Me: I can’t believe you haven’t said anything. I thought you’d hate this.

Bobby: I do. I do hate this.

Full Album on Spotify: AraabMuzik – Electronic Dream (Deluxe Edition)