Just by chance, I caught a tweet from the band The Civil Wars the other night, saying Margolnick - Taylorsvillepeople should check out a song on the album “Taylorsville” by Margolnick (click that link right there to stream the album – it’s like magic!) on bandcamp.com, an awesome musician-to-listener site that connects everyone directly.  I figured, sure, I like The Civil Wars, so this isn’t a risky move.  I was cooking dinner or blow-drying my armpit hair or something else distracting, so all I knew after the first listen was that I didn’t hate it.  When I finally sat down and listened intently, I decided there are a couple of pretty excellent tracks on here, and I probably shouldn’t be the only one listening to this.

If you want upbeat, listen to “The Yard.” If you want something that sounds like a stripped down, not-18-person-band version of The Arcade Fire, try “The Roost.” And if you’re like me and love to spend your winters listening to dreary music in hopes of finding something beautiful (I will always be searching for my next Andrew Bird), try out “The Alley” or “The Tracks.”  I know what you’re thinking, and no, I don’t think they hired outside help to come up with creative song titles like these.  It’s a seven song album, and it’ll eat up about a half hour of your time, just listen to the whole thing.  And hey, if you like it, it only costs $5!