I really wasn’t going to do a Superbowl commercial post unless I was blown away by an ad (and I wasn’t really impressed with any of them this year). Monday morning, though, I was blown away when I found out one Bud Light ad had teamed up with a well-known drunk driver to deliver its message.

I think for the most part people enjoyed Bud Light’s “Weego” commercial at the Superbowl
(basing this claim off nothing) – the one with the scrawny little rescue dog running around grabbing beers for everyone at a party.  This one:

Yeah, kinda cute, once you set aside the message of the commercial (rescue an animal and make it your beer slave).  It’s your standard kind of entertaining light beer commercial during the Superbowl that you chuckle at for a second then curse at when you see it 50 times in the next 12 days light beer commercial.  Oh, wait, there’s a good message at the end!  They want us to help rescue dogs!  Good job, Bud Light.  I’m all about supporting animal rescue (I ran a freakin’ marathon to raise money for the Animal Rescue League last year), so I love that they’re tying their ad into that.  Now, where can I go to help rescue dogs?

Weego Bud Light Commercial

Oh, of course, to the Bud Light Facebook page. Well, that’s kind of weird, I was expecting to end up on an Animal Rescue League page or something. Let’s check out the page anyway…

Bud Light Facebook Page - Weego

Ah! There’s the message I’m looking for:  blah blah blah Weego can fetch beer…blah blah blah like us and we’ll make a donation…blah blah blah Tony La Russa’s Animal Rescue League Foundation…abuuuuaaaaahhhhhhhh??? (that sound brought to you by my friend Peter – say it slowly, furrow your eyebrows, drop your jaw, and turn your head while you say it…it makes perfect sense, trust me).  I’m not surprised Tony La Russa has some sort of foundation.  Most big name sports figures seem to have a charity they run or are closely affiliated with.

But most of those sports figures don’t also partner up with Bud Light after a widely-Tony La Russa Looking Mighty Finepublicized DUI.  And on the flip-side, most brewing companies don’t team up with drunk drivers.  For some reason, those things just don’t sit right together.  Don’t ask me why!

I get the affiliation between La Russa and Anheuser-Busch (he coached the St. Louis Cardinals, who play at Busch Stadium – you can put that one together yourself), but is that an acceptable justification for this unholy alliance?  Let me rephrase that: are you cool with a well-publicized drunk driver’s company being supported by a brewery just because he was a baseball coach?

You’re the biggest name in beer – you really can’t find an animal rescue team that isn’t fronted by a guy whose DUI is well-documented across multiple YouTube videos (here, here and here, for starters)?

You’re one of the most well-known baseball coaches of all time – you really can’t find another corporate partner than a brewing company?

I wish I had a more compelling argument to make here about the rights and wrongs of the situation, but it’s such a terrible oversight by all parties (except the puppies) that I can only draw one conclusion:

Everyone involved with this is a complete moron.