It took me a little while to get into some new music this year, but I finally have some solid early 2012 recommendations (and some hangover 2011 ones).  But first, let me tell you about the worst song I have ever heard (skip the next 3 paragraphs if you actually want to find good music to listen to).

I’m going to the New Orleans Jazzfest in April in what is sure to be one of the greatest weekends recorded by man.  Awesome people, awesome place, awesome food, and New Orleans jazz (some serious dancing tunes, if you’ve never listened).  So my friend and I started going down the lineup and listening to some of the bands scheduled to play, since there are so many we had never heard.  I started at the bottom of the lineup and worked my way up.  I wanted to find a hidden gem.  And boy, did I find a hidden…something.

Moving up the list, the first band I could find on Spotify was the Ayla Miller Band.  No, you’ve never heard of them. I had never heard of them. I hope nobody had ever heard of them. Because this is what Ayla Miller sounds like: Ayla Miller – Mammals (hint: click the link).

I didn’t get any further into the album, obviously.  I barely even made it two minutes into the Ayla Miller - Some Super Silly Crappy Songssong.  I don’t hate the sound of nails on a chalkboard, and I wasn’t Michael J. Fox in Teen Wolf (dog whistle), so I never really understood what the most painful sound in the world was until I heard this song.  I think I could give my pet fish a violin and let Gilbert Gottfried and that clown from Maroon 5 do the vocals, and this song would come out better.  Worst song I’ve ever heard? You betcha.  Then again, I haven’t listened to the rest of the album yet (and I never will, so this will remain the worst song I’ve ever heard until Maroon 5’s next album (yes, two Maroon 5 digs in one post – I’d gladly make it three…don’t tempt me…)).

So to get that taste of out our collective mouths, let’s move on to the things I’ve been listening to in the past month and would like to pass on to people who like listening to good things (and also, let me apologize for the five-year-old who stole my laptop and wrote that sentence).  If you’re not one of those people who listen to good things, then please let me know how the next Maroon 5 album is (BOOM! THE TRIFECTA!).

Gotye – Making Mirrors

I didn’t want to believe this album was good. Why? Because I heard it on the local alternative rock radio station before I found it myself, and it was tagged a song that tons of listeners were calling in for. That’s not supposed to happen. I’m supposed to know first. Anyway, it’s really good in some ways, but also kind of terrible in a bunch of other ways.

There is a track on here for pretty much everyone. That’s why it’s kind of terrible. There’s no flow – no singular feel for the entire album. I am very far from a “lyrics guy” – I judge what I like based off its sound first, then maybe I’ll care about the lyrics if I like how it sounds (I compared this to food once, and it made sense to me – I judge whether or not I like food by what it tastes like first, then I’ll move on and care what’s in it or how it was prepared).  Anyway, some of the lyrics on this album are a serious cheesefest, but enough out of me – here’s a song you may or may not like from the album. Also, from my Spotify ticker, I can already tell you that five of your friends have told you to listen to this album.

Tennis – Young & Old

I know I’m going to be sick of this album by like, Thursday.  It has Cults written all over it (you’ve never heard of Cults? Well, I guess you’re not one of the seven people who read my “Albums I listened to Too Much in 2011” post then).  Until I run it into the ground though, I will likely listen to something from this album every day.  Heck, I even listened to this song twice on Friday: Tennis – Traveling

Listen. It’s fun. It also proves that I no longer possess a Man Card (I traded that in for a Britney Spears T-shirt and a Breaking Dawn calendar last year. Oh, you think I’m joking.)

Adam Arcuragi – Like a fire that consumes all before it…

This is probably my favorite album of 2012 so far. It sounds like Mumford & Sons, who I don’t hate, but it’s much less polished.  Something about the raw sound, the guy’s raspy voice, and my current desire to just drive to a log cabin up north for a week and roam the woods searching for ghosts and treasure – it’s all coming together at the right time for this album. Don’t take my word for it though. Check out my favorite track from it: Adam Arcuragi – The Well

Some other stuff

I’m going to give these quick intros because they’re individual songs, and I admittedly have absolutely no idea how to write about music. You know this by now.

Justice – On’n’On (2011)

Whatever noises they’re using as the bridge from the refrains back to the verses – yeah, I could listen to that all day.

Chairlift – Met Before (2012)

The hook of this song (the chorus) makes me feel invincible, and also makes me feel like I’m back in the 80s.  I have a problem with neither of those things (assuming that means Larry Bird is back on the Celtics, and my parents get their season tickets back, and the creation of Justin Bieber and Crystal Pepsi can still be stopped).

Laura Gibson – La Grande (2012)

Remember what I said about how that Adam Arcuragi album makes me feel?  Probably not – this post is about 900 words past the point when normal people stopped reading.  Anyway, this song makes me feel like that, but replace “log cabin up north” with “Winnebago in the desert,” throw in some rattlesnakes in the background, and we’re good.

Black Joe Lewis – Sugarfoot (2008)

Yeah, not new at all, but this song is awesome. I’m going to see these guys this week at the advisement of my brother, and I can’t imagine it will be anything less than stellar. If you don’t know this song already, you’ll be glad you do now. And you’ll dance. Ohhhhh, will you dance.

There’s plenty more where those came from (no there’s not – gimme a couple weeks though), so if you’re hankering for more music and use Spotify, you should click the link I’m going to post in about 5 words and subscribe to my 2012 – Songs I Don’t Hate playlist. Unfortunately, I don’t have any Ayla Miller in there…yet.