Alright, so I (not at all recently) came to a couple realizations.  First, I completely took my foot off the pedal with writing. Not okay. That’s how my brain keeps progressing, and I’ve been wasting its time on worthless junk like podcasts and exercise. What a waste! My other enlightenment was that my music posts on this site have been by far the least interesting and least engaging for…people (hahaha, I almost said “fans”…almost). Here’s how we’re going to remedy that situation: a weekly music post!

This is the compromise I’m making – I need to write more, and the only way that’s going to start happening again is if I make a false promise to myself that tricks me into writing.

I’m going to write a music post every week for the entire next year.

There, that wasn’t so hard, was it? False promise made! I’m going to force myself to write something – anything– about music every week. We’ll see where that goes, and I’ll try to mix at least one newish track in every week, for those of you who are so freakin’ on top of new music that this would be worthless to you.

This week’s theme: the new Boston Calling lineup.  I’m starting to make a Boston Calling playlist on Spotify, but here’s a sample of what I’m most excited about after seeing the fall lineup.

Track 1

For as long as people have asked me what kind of music I listen to (let’s say 6 years) as a conversation starter, I’ve given the same response. “I like to try to find new artists a lot, but I’ll listen to anything…” <3 second pause> “…except country.”  And then Sturgill Simpson crashed onto the scene last year and ruined years of work – and apparent lies – by me.  Sturgill crosses the border. He’s rough around the edges, he sings about really weird stuff, his lyrics don’t sound like they were written in crayon on a paper towel by a 16-year-old girl (which is my opinion on country lyrics, and you all know it’s accurate).  He’s an outlaw.  I’m not saying he’s Johnny Cash, but…he’s kinda Johnny Cash?  Give him a listen – this was one of my favorite albums last year, which you would know if I actually wrote my Top Ten albums post. Whoops!

Track 2

You should all know the Alabama Shakes by now.  They’re about an inch away from being the biggest band in America, and they’re making the Arcade Fire leap this year from indie sweetheart into annual festival headliner.

When they were last in town touring (for their first album), I sold my tickets (LIKE AN IDIOT), so I’m all kinds of excited to see them come around this fall, even though festivals are typically terrible places to see concerts.  I’m not sure what I’m getting to with that, but anyway, the Shakes.  Their new album is killer. It’s like they just jumped in a garage and started grooving until they hit their stride, then made all those strides into songs.  There isn’t a ton of structure, but the energy doesn’t stop on this album, and it’s an early contender for Album of the Year (if the artist from Track 3 didn’t have something to say about it). Here’s one of many songs from that album that no vocalist on earth could replicate:

Track 3

I saved the best for last here, which I find to be a great tactic when eating a meal and a terrible tactic for writing blog posts. It would take me at least 45 seconds to switch this into the Track 1 slot at this point though, and I already wrote this weird justification sentence you’re reading right now, so really it’s out of my hands.

Father John Misty is the weirdest dude.  But I think he knows he’s the weirdest dude, which actually makes him not the weirdest dude because the weirdest dude would genuinely have no idea he’s the weirdest dude, as self-awareness does not lend itself to the weirdest.  But he’s pretty weird. And an absolutely incredible musician.  His last album – Fear Fun – was an instant classic for me.  It’s something I listen to the whole way through at least every two months, and I don’t see that changing. Except…his new album (from 2015), I Love You, Honeybear, has surpassed the first. I’m not sure what more I can say to compliment the guy – he has two albums since 2012, and they’re probably both in my top 100 albums of all-time (consider I listen to probably 5-10 new albums every week, then that number seems a lot wilder).  This isn’t the best song on the album, but I couldn’t pick, and you’re going to listen to it now anyway.

Alright, solid ending!  Happy Tunesday, everybody!