Last night, for the fourth time since their 2014 release Beneath the Brine, I went to see The Family Crest at a small venue in Boston (okay, twice it was Cambridge, and once it was Allston…sue me). I could write this whole post about how much of a crime it is that this band I (and many of my friends) adore is stuck playing 200-person venues for less than $20 per ticket. If I had the platform to do so, I’d challenge everyone to go see them and provide a refund to any chump who wasn’t satisfied. And even with that confidence, I can’t help but feel like I missed something last night.

Don’t get me wrong, they were great. They’re always great. That’s why I keep seeing them. But when you really love a band, you have all their songs circling around your head during the day(s) leading up to their concert. It’s like your brain is creating a checklist, and it hopes to check off all the boxes. Of course, that’s not really possible. Bands don’t typically play all their songs in a single concert (except Cults, who I saw when their first album came out, and they played the whole thing in 35 minutes and that was the whole show).

So, The Family Crest played a bunch of good songs, a handful of great songs, and left a few that I love on the table. And those songs they didn’t play have been stuck in my head all day. Why? I don’t know. Brains are weird. But here’s the one that’s really been digging at me today.

Happy listening! And go see The Family Crest next time they’re in town!